Braun SK4 Turntable


The Braun SK 4 or “Phonosuper SK 4” is a radio-phonograph combination in 1956 by the company Braun was presented. It consists of a valve radio and record player in a full-page closed housing of metal and wood with acrylic glass cover. It was designed “Phonosuper SK 4” by Hans Gugelot and Dieter Rams. He was one of the first products for Braun which the then new product designs reproduced the company and represented.

Already in 1952 decided Artur and Erwin Braun, Managing Director of Max Braun OHG to change the appearance of Braun products. For this goal, the Department was shaping whose remit was to develop cleanly designed and functional products for Braun. One such product was the “Phonosuper SK 4”, which not only by the materials used, but also by its compact visual appearance of the then popular music chests difference.


A special feature of the “Phono Supers SK 4” is the solid plexiglass cover, then a novelty for products of consumer electronics. Originally, Hans Gugelot and Dieter Rams for the “SK 4” a hood made ​​of sheet provided, but it turned out that this would rattle at higher volumes. Dieter Rams proposed as a solution to a hood made ​​of acrylic glass in front, a material which had just appeared on the market.The clear cover had a formative for decades and brought the device the colloquial name “Snow White’s Coffin” field. Originally something derogatory intentioned name came from Hans Gugelot, the Plexiglas considered a fad. The “Phonosuper SK 4″ was in Brown Radio prospectus dated November 1956 as ” from Novel radio-phono combination throughout each closed housing metal and wood “presented and cost 295 DM; the average gross wage rate was DM 377 (45-hour week).

The “SK 4” is one of the early Braun products that really stand out for its timeless design and groundbreaking for the development of the following instruments throughout the consumer electronics industry was. The Phonosuper-SK was the last “radio-phono combination,” which was produced by Brown.

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